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Lohita & Achini Goonatilleke May 2020

First Home Buyers

Where to start? Pradeep and Property Magnate have done such an amazing job in helping us get our first home. They were very professional and made sure we were proactively informed of everything, every step of the way. Thanks to them we were able to worry far less and focus more on getting our house. Thank you so much again guys, your service has been immensely helpful!

Tushar J, Tarneit Melbourne, Oct 2019

First Home Buyer 

Buying a house or a new property in a foreign country is the dream that every immigrant lands with but when and where to start has always been a big question. I remember, this thought of where to find relevant information and where to begin - used to give me a lot headaches before I came in contact with Property Magnate.

Property Magnate not only helped me through the whole process to buy a new property but also made the whole process so easy with their years of experience and expertise in this domain. 

Pradeep Laxminarayana, Director - Property Magnate, was proactive and genuinely helpful . Starting from property selection to bank loan negotiations to paper work formalities, Pradeep guided me throughout the process. My sincere thanks to Property Magnate (Pradeep) to help me turn my dream into reality. I would highly recommend Property Maganate for all the new home buyers out there who are still looking”

Paul S , St Kilda , Melbourne, July 2019

A Fresh Start -Property Education Coaching

Property Magnate Education Coaching sessions were wonderfully conducted by Pradeep. The property advice was based on current property market conditions as well as potential forecast. 

Pradeep has himself achieved quite well with his portfolio in the Real Estate market and hence brings credibility to the Education Coaching. As a Property Adviser, his guidance has been instrumental in setting, achieving goals, and enjoying the journey of success and not just achieving the destination. 

Pradeep himself understands the client's starting financial point, assists in the modification of the Coaching sessions program to ensure the success of clients. The key takeaways were many but for me, the amount of time spent identifying the financial needs and recommended journey tailored to suit my wealth & lifestyle goals was appreciated. I would recommend hiring Property Magnate for Property Consulting & Buyer Advocacy for success.

Paul S, St Kilda, Melbourne.

Sanjiiv Chawan, Doreen Melbourne Nov 2019

New Journey - First Home Buyer

Property Magnate Consulting is doing a Fab Job!!

Pradeep knowledge, skills and experience in the Australian property market was evident to me right from Day one when I first met him to start my property buying journey two months back.

Property Magnate property education sessions are a must as they equipped you with much needed knowledge and confidence of how property market works in Australia, the best part being the individual based property strategy in the end to meet one's financial/retirements goals.

With Pradeep as the buyer agent you will get the confidence that some one really strong is on your side, one who is very pro-active, knowledgeable, walk the talk sort of guy ready to guide you in every step of your journey.

Please keep up the good work and as vendors has real estate agents for sales we all buyer's should go for the Property Magnate services to help level the playing field.


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